Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Though I don't approve of her lifestyle, there are some lessons we can always learn from anybody.

1. STRIKE WHEN THE IRON IS REALLY HOT: Ever wondered how Kim became popular? well a sex tape with a celebrity was released leaked and immediately, she started a show; keeping up with the kardashians ,with the first episode showing her trying to clear herself from the mess and that caught peoples attention. Her show started when the iron about her scandal was really hot.
2. TALENT OR NATURAL ENDOWMENTS AREN'T ENOUGH: Kim is undoubtedly very good looking. But imagine if she was in her mother's house milking cows and shaving sheep and wondering when God will look down upon her. She  used her beauty to win magazines, fashion designers and so all. If you have a skill or talent hoping on God wont do any good. Make good use of your skill.
  Well this are the lessons I choose to learn from her all her other escapades is her own business.


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