Sunday, 2 September 2012


On Thursday last week, I was at the Murtala International Airport, Lagos. I was about entering the main auditorium when i was stopped and told that since i was not travelling i couldn't enter, so i waited outside the airport under the scorching sunlight. Next thing i saw was a Chinese family of 7 and only two were travelling but the security men were saluting them  right in front of me ( First sign of the syndrome). After that, i went to the local airport to drop an aunt of mine. While we were waiting for her to check in, a Nigerian woman whom i guess was from warri was speaking "phone" for me. I really wanted to laugh because she sounded half Somalian, partial Greek, complete Nigerian and a fraction of Senegalese while trying to form "phone" for me (Second sign of the syndrome). Why cant we be proud of our accent and apply the rule of law to any extent whether the victim is black or white (Solutions to the syndrome).


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