Monday, 17 September 2012


While in Lagos few days ago, I had a friend who constantly ridiculously asked me ridiculous questions and I always replied him "what kind of yoruba question is that". Apparently he didn't understand what I meant, so for his sake and that of others I would like to explain in my own terms.

A Yoruba question is one in which the answer is obviously obvious and gives full legal rights to the answerer to be highly sarcastic. For example;

Obi saw his mum sending chroma on an errand to buy dried fish and perhaps fried rabbit. Chioma comes back and the following conversation ensued;
Obi: Ah !!!! Chioma so you have bought the dried fish and fried rabbit?
(the appropriate response to such a question)
Chioma: No!!!!!! They wanted fresh air so I brought them home.


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