Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I'm opportuned to be offering a course named control systems with Electrical Engineering, ICT and Computer Engineering. But unfortunately its a very large class in a really small classroom and if you don't sit within the first six rows you could as well bring your bed to class. So, yesterday I and a friend of mine didn't make the first six rows so we just went to the back and looked for a vacant sit. While we were there, he told me he was going to look for a sit at the front but I told him it was already filled but he went anyway. He got the sit at the front and benefitted immensely from the lecture while I was at the back looking forward to the end of the lecture. Point is, unless you are ready to go the extra mile, unless you are ready to look for opportunities where they seem not to be, unless you are ready to dig deep, you might be among the class of people who think life is unfair


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