Tuesday, 16 October 2012


It all started when my dad deposited 20,000 Naira in my account. I went to the bank to withdraw the money  and on getting there i discovered that my account balance was 19,800 Naira. What!!!!! where did my 200 Naira go???. So i approached the cashier and asked him what happened to my money and he told me the most shocking statement i've ever heard. He told me the 200 Naira was a bank charge for "upcountry transfer" meaning, if you open your account in Ogun state and someone payed into the account from Lagos, 200 Naira would be deducted. I was baffled and wondered whether a taxi is chartered to bring my money from lagos branch to Ogun branch as if the bank branches are not networked. But then I remembered this is Nigeria where anything and everything goes. #SO SAD


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