Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Two events have actually made me realise how "funnyly" we appreciate people. Our vice chancellor was changed, and that was when sweet words and vocabulary accolades were bestowed on her by students but meanwhile while she was on seat, whenever she came to speak, we will all be like" this woman has come again". The most hilarious of them all was when our dean of students' affairs was changed. He had a unique calabar or akwa ibom accent and whenever he spoke we always mocked mimicked his accent, we were always ready to counter whatever announcement he made. But funny enough when he was called up to handover properly we all gave a standing ovation and said really sweet words about him. I feel its better to say those sweet words whenever the person is still on seat or when it will really matter cos it "gingers" the person to want to serve more or give more of himself. Its funny that wonderful things are said about a person during his funeral rather than when he was living. Show your appreciation to someone now...... I appreciate you who has taken time to read my blog..Thanks


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