Thursday, 1 November 2012


Every ideology or philosophy in the world; democracy, apartheid, racism, terrorism, name it. It all started from one man and transpired through transference of idea to another man and the chain began. The current state of Nigeria today; chaos in the North due to Boko hAram incidents, bad governance in the local governments, the state government and the federal government can all be traced to the misguided thought of one man.The truth is this; death can never kill an idea. Ideas are far more powerful than death itself. Ideas outlive men and can never be destroyed. If a man dies with his idea, it will simply be reborn in another.Let me now answer the question on your mind; How do you then stop or kill an idea? the only way you can kill an idea is with another idea, a stronger idea. The only way to defeat a bad idea is with a good idea. I think we should start thinking.


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