Wednesday, 21 November 2012


This post is a reply to a post i saw on The Relentless Builder's Blog.
Well from he picture above, its quite obvious that there are a good number of Gentlemen in Nigeria. But the questions she asked were;

  1. What percentage of them exist?
  2. Would you say the number of gentlemen is on the increase or decline?
  3. Do you think Nigerian gentlemen even exist? What sort of qualities would the 'close-to-perfect' Nigerian gentleman have, in your opinion?
My answers
  1. Well....  I think a good number of them exist because a percentage would be hard to get  considering our population of about 150 million. 
  2. I really don't know how to answer this.
  3. Yes the Nigerian gentlemen exists (from the picture above). The guy must be emphatic, Must be able to know the right thing and when to say it, Must watch his language and must know God. 
You can share your own views by visiting her blog: The Relentless Builder


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