Friday, 28 December 2012


With barely three days to the new year, a review of our actions in 2012 is highly necessary. Its no doubt that Nigeria was on autopilot, with the pilot and his crew looking desperately to gain control of the aircraft. Nigerians got their ears irritated with so many sanctimonious speeches and thus we became an epitome of "Talk is cheap".

Fuel Subsidy removal: Nigerians wouldn't be in a hurry to forget this day;January 1st, 2012 as this was the day our aircraft started going off course. We woke up to be rudely injected with the venomous substance of fuel subsidy removal. A lot of promises were made on what the funds gotten from subsidy removal would be used for but really what can we see? People died protesting for their rights; but we are used to people dying in vain in Nigeria.

Plane Crashes: The first plane crash this year occurred on March 14, when a helicopter conveying the newly promoted Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Haruna John, and three other senior police officers crashed in Jos.
June 3 saw the highly avoidable air crash of Dana airlines killing all 153 passengers on board and 10 people on the ground.
Still in june, a cargo plane attempting to take off from Ghana, crashed killing 10 people and injuring many more.
October 25, the Governor of Yola state crashed in his private jet in a hill in Adamawa. Luckily nobody died.
December 15, a Navy helicopter crashed in Bayelsa state killing all on board including some dignitaries.

ALUU killings: In October, four students of the University of Port Harcourt were gruesomely killed. They were; Ugona Kelchi Obuzor, 200 level Geology; Biringa Lordson, 200 level Theatre Arts; Mike Lloyd; 200 level Civil Engineering and Tekena Erikena. They were falsely accused of stealing a Laptop and were pounced on by a retarded group of people.

Fires, Massacres, Accidents, Kidnappings, Floods, Jonathan's gift to UNILAG, Olympics flop and so many written and unwritten tragedies.
The issue is not brooding about this events but how can we see a change in 2013? Sanctimonious vague speeches is definitely not the solution.


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