Thursday, 20 December 2012


I'm still in the school of thought that Nigeria's problem is that of leadership but I just want to glance a little at the followers.

Interestingly, our leaders aren't shipped from neighbouring Chad or faraway Dubai or even imported from space, they are gotten from a follower base. A follower base that is ready to burn human beings just by hearing the scream of "thief, thief, ole". A follower base that will see a one lane road and then create three lanes. A follower base that will see a one way road and drive against traffic. A follower base in which people do things and don't care of the adverse effect. A follower base who will keep quiet and look away when the leaders are misbehaving; its no wonder our leaders don't give a damn about their actions when they know it always ends beneath the carpet.

I don't want to talk much since I said I was just taking a peek at the followers.


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