Monday, 10 December 2012


The media of recent has been bombarded with news on nigerians especially pastors who own private jets. I don't just understand the grievance. The pastor who has been shot very well with accusations and allegations on this issue is bishop David Oyedepo. But i ask myself, a pastor who has branches of his church in over 100 countries of the world and is always on demand to speak at various engagements and can afford to meet the demands on him by purchasing a private jet is now committing sin?

People say the pastors are supposed to exemplify Christ, but I ask, the highest form of transportation then were animals and didn't jesus ride on an animal? I can assure you that jesus dressed properly and wore expensive perfume. Imagine a pastor telling you God is good, he provides for his people and then he looks like he has not eating for a week. Or are the blessings of deutronomy reserved for only non preachers?

Another set of people claim that the money spent on the jets can be used to develop the country. You really don't want to know how many secondary schools, primary schools and universities are run by the living faith commission, how many community development initiatives have been executed by the commission. I'm not just blindly defending him, I'm speaking because there are proofs.

If we claim we are christians, then we should know that nothing can work against the truth. If the jets are hampering God's work, then I can assure you that the ministries would have ended long time ago. If you are in doubt you can read God's general and see ministries that have ended on issues smaller than private jets.


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