Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Of late, I've been trying to be more patriotic- buying made in Nigeria goods, appreciating Nigerian art and the rest- so I decided to give one last shot at Nigerian movies but I guess I made a huge mistake. There are very good movies that exists like ije and the rest but this movie was completely innocent of sense. Since I'm working on having the american-like patriotic attitude, I guess I would just give suggestions instead of condemning the movies.

1. THE TITLE: the title of most Nigerian movies are depressing. Not everything should have babes attached to it eg DESPERATE BABES, MIGHTY BABES, GALLANT BABES only to name a few. The titles should be more creative

2. STORY LINE: if there is no story line please a camera should not be touched. Its not fair tormenting innocent people with story lines that are grey matter depleting.

3. CAMERA QUALITY: Technology is fast advancing and we shouldn't be left behind. Imagine, most of our movies are competing with the camera quality used to shoot SOUND OF MUSIC and HOME ALONE.

There are great Nigerian movies that exist but if you compare the number of good movies to the number of films produced in a year then you will realise we've not gone anywhere. Priority should be given to quality than quantity.


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