Saturday, 15 December 2012


I remember the 1st time I heard about the friendzone; I was quite young and couldn't really understand what it meant but as I grew older; I began to understand what it meant.

For those of us that may not know what this zone is; I'll give a definition I consider most appropriate. A guy is said to be in the friend zone when he either "wants to go out with" or "is in love with" a girl (who only sees him as a "friend" or as a "brother" or in favourable cases, a "bestfriend") that keeps leading him on OR doesn't want 2 let him go and in worst case scenarios; she leads him on AND doesn't want 2 let him go.

There's not much to be said about this zone but from observation; its been seen that the zone is not a pleasant place to be In. Mostly because the guy in question keeps hurting and the girl has no idea how much hurt she's causing.

Ladies... Guys do not like being in the zone and I'd advice us to as much as possible; keep 'em out of there.

And Finally Guys; when she starts referring to u as her "friend" or her "brother" or as her "bestie"; Please RUN!!!!!!.

Some guys would rather remain in the friend zone than be out of the girls life; I've got news for you bro: there's a girl out there who's ready to love you more than you ever imagined. So; leave that zone and go find that special girl.



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