Thursday, 27 December 2012


I was walking along my street a couple of days back; and the next thing I heard was a very loud "gbooom". I looked for the nearest cover anticipating some men with masks and ammunition, only to see small children laughing at me; I was so mad but I had to laugh along with them lest I fall my hand.

I've always wondered since then; how a loud sound capable of cancelling a hypertensive patient be signifying celebration. You can't even differentiate a gunshot from some type of bangers. I know we are still primitive and can't appreciate the beauty of fireworks that go into the sky and emanate very beautiful lights but would rather stick to heart shattering sounds which are not even permitted in the countries that make them.

I love festive periods, in fact they are best times of the year, but bangers; no way. Beautiful fireworks exist even if we must play with fire in the name of celebration.....


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