Wednesday, 9 January 2013


A couple of days back while in Lagos, I was engaged in a discussion with a friend and somehow I managed to tell him I had a blog. The next thing he said was, "So you've joined them?" I was baffled and so i asked him what he meant and he said "Everybody is now blogging, especially Gossip and Entertainment" I had to sit him down and tell him I generate my content and sometimes research before I post anything.

After the discussion, I decided to do a little research on Nigerian blogs that possess intellectual content and I discovered that everybody wants to be like Linda Ikeji. The very funny thing was that on some blogs, news from Linda Ikeji's blog is lifted word for word and posted on the site. Baba, you cant be like her jare, go and create your own signature.

That's why some blogs like Bellanaija, Ofilispeaks, Relentless Builder and the rest inspire me.......
Sit, Think then Write

PS: My research was done from Nigerian Blog Awards


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