Thursday, 17 January 2013


Guru Mahara ji

I just finished reading a lengthy interview with the man whose picture appears above, and with all what I've read I believe this man is either very confused and really needs help or he's situation is just damned.

He said "all of them (pastors) use juju. How can a pastor touch somebody and he falls down? That one is juju at work. Our people are very foolish and ignorant. How can you touch somebody and he falls down? There is something behind this". So I want to believe he hasn't read the BIBLE and therefore doesn't know about the power and manifestations of the HOLY SPIRIT. 

But i got really confused when I heard him quote this from the bible "The wages of sin is death" after he was asked "Is it true, as some people claimed, that you once said that you would never die?" Now read his response to this question;
When one is transformed into spirituality, you no longer talk about death. Man is talking about mortality and immortality because he accepted teachings brought by the Europeans without finding out how true these teachings are. When you talk about death, it negates the principles of our existence. They say God is light, and in Him there is no darkness, and darkness can’t comprehend it. So, why is death coming in?

The true name of our creator is Maharaj Ji, and with my coming, light has come. Now, the light will be guiding my followers wherever they are going, so that with the knowledge they have acquired they will not commit sin. As it was written in the Bible that the wages of sin is death, but the moment you are lifted above, you will live in the spirit, and when you live in the spirit you will have knowledge.
Since I live in the spirit, and I’m the fountain of knowledge, I’m immortal. I can’t die. Why should I die physically? I can’t die physically. I will not die. Even it is said in the Scripture that man is the perfect image of God. Can God die? Since I’m a perfect image of God, I can’t die. Is it a sin to live till eternity? I have both the physical body and the spirit. If you look at the Scriptures, where did you see or read about people seeing dead bodies of previous masters like Moses, Elijah and others. Death means nothing to me – man is an image of the creator, so I don’t believe in death.
Sir, even the Bible you claim you read says "Remove the Log of wood in your eye before considering the speck in another man's eye" If you say they use jazz, no problem, but i guess it should be someone more sane and spiritual that has the audacity to say such......

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