Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Iweanya Writes
This write up came up after I read a book that described how CNN paints the African continent as really poor and daft.Whenever they discuss about the African continent its always about the bad stuff that goes on the continent. They speak with authority but with a high level of partiality.

The Arabs got tired of this impartiality and by the wisdom of their leader, Aljazeera was formed with the aim of providing accurate and impartial news with a global, international perspective. Aljazeera broadcasts both the good stuff and the bad that goes on in the Arab world with fairness.

We here in Africa have allowed the "BRAGADOCIOUS" CNN tell us what and who we are, I believe its time we broadcast from Africa to the world with fairness the GOOD and BAD that goes on in Africa because Africa is not synonymous with CRIME, EVIL and ATROCITIES....

I have decided to start posting positive and negative realities that go on, not just waiting for PATIENCE JONATHAN to make a grammatical error or JONATHAN to make a slight mistake in his speech because Africa is worth much more than what the MEDIA show us.......


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