Tuesday, 5 February 2013



In order to sustain a great  relationship, this should be the don'ts;

  1. Never play to win: What I mean is; never be in a destructive competition with your partner. Compete to build each other up.
  2. Never distrust: The beginning of the decline in Trust in a relationship is the beginning of the end of that relationship be it friendship or romantic relationship.
  3. Don't stop talking: Talk about what annoys you, talk about what you don't like in fact talk about everything and anything. Keeping quiet reflects a lack of trust. You are not accusing your partner, you are discussing with your partner.
  4. Don't stop listening: Listening is really hard ohhhhh.... listening is paying rapt attention without any interruption and deciphering every word spoken by your partner
  5. Don't stop working on your relationship: Because you guys love each other doesn't mean everything would be like me(SWEET). You need to work on the relationship and make it grow.
Relationships are a beautiful thing, it has a very positive effect if its a right relationship. Try as much as possible never to do any of the above mentioned "DON'Ts"


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