Thursday, 21 March 2013


Just a couple of months back, i posted a write up titled "Apple products aren't that cool" its still my most popular post click here to read it. Now, I realize how shallow and superficial my thoughts were at that time because I wasn't really informed. As they say ignorance is a disease.

My epiphany occurred while reading a biography of Steve Jobs titled "Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson" the book revealed to me the genius and creativity behind all apple products. From the simplicity which is the ultimate sophistication to its functionality. Apple products really dented the universe.

I was first perturbed about how tightly secure and inflexible apple products are, until i understood why. Steve Jobs wanted a product with class, yet for mass consumers but he didn't want anybody toying with the high level of creativity behind an Apple product and so he tightly sealed it; both hardware and software.

There was a distinct statement he made which goes;
"Microsoft writes softwares
Dell & Compaq, hardware
Adobe, Applications
But Apple, we do all these things from hardware to software to operating system"
Apple excellently tied these things to make an awesome user friendly device.
I could go on and on writing about the magnificence of apple products but i want you to eat from the same plate i did therefore i'm offering the book here for free.

Just Click Here to Download "Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson"

When you're done with the book, you would also agree with me that Apple is one of the best things to happen to Technological and Human Development. What a paradigm shift for me....


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