Saturday, 9 March 2013


Pardon the seemingly big grammar I've been trying to upgrade my level to Okechukwu Ofili and Relentless Builder level.. But let me be me and try to define it in simpler terms. Proximity infatuation is a terminology used to describe a situation whereby you to start 'liking' someone because you spend time with the person either at work, in school or anywhere else OR just because the person is physically close to you.

I've experienced this a lot of times in this short period I've lived on earth. Probably the girl I like didn't give a damn about my existence and then somehow I start liking the girl I used to beat her brother often. I'm sure a good number of you can identify with this situation, infact I'm very very sure of one person right now. Proximity infatuation is even more dramatic when the person you have started having feelings for already has a partner you probably didn't know of and then you start having cancer, HIV, Arthritis, High and low blood pressure slight worries as to whether you are a stumbling block in their relationship. 

The question I want to ask is how can we handle proximity infatuation because I experience it very often......


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