Sunday, 3 March 2013


It was the 2nd of May 2005. I had just finished from evening lectures when I received a call from an unknown number. Puzzled, I answered the call mouthing "Hello!"
"Please, am I on to Sabrina Ademoriyo" the caller responded calmly.
The voice was very unfamiliar but my major concern was what the caller had said before ending the call "Please come to Zoe Medical Hospital, Gbagada".
I wearily boarded a bus going towards Gbagada as I sincerely hoped that nothing was wrong. The last time I entered a hospital was to mourn the death of my twin sister who passed away due lungs cancer at twenty (20) years old. I had cried, prayed, read scriptures, prayed again then cried some more but that night, when I came to drop flowers for her with the intention of telling her that God was going to heal her, I saw a still body on the bed who the doctor later confirmed as dead. I was mortified, depressed and sad. Pain tugged at my heart for loss of my only sibling, anger at God heated my soul for not answering my only prayer request and taking away my twin sister but worse of all was the fear that gripped my mind telling me that God would never answer my prayers. For days, I mourned the loss of my sister and two (2) years after her death, I was yet to forgive God for taking her away.

Now it was just my parents and I that were left. I jostled back to reality as I scratched my head. Whatever reason was taking me to the hospital had better not be another sorry case and even though a tiny part of me suggested that I engage prayers, a bigger part of me kept reminding of what happened two (2) years ago. In no time, we arrived at the bus-stop. The hospital was a walking distance from the bus-stop so I took advantage of my legs and kept hoping that all was well. When I arrived at the hospital, I was too scared to enter so I simply remained at the entrance and stared at the sign-post beside Zoe Medical Hospital for a while. After wasting some time, I eventually entered and the moment I stepped into the hospital, pictures of my late sister in her sick bed began to flash through my head. Immediately, I knew something was wrong and at that point, I began to wish that I remained outside and kept on staring at the sign-post that read "Zoe Medical Hospital.......we try our best but God heals". At a point, I got to fed up with seeing images of Sandra (my twin sister) that I turned to leave the hospital but before I could get far, a nurse approached me and spoke gently "Are you Sabrina Ademoriyo?"
"Yes!" I responded trying to sound calm.
"Follow me" she continued as she led the way. After a few turnings, we arrived at the doctor's office.

He was really nice to me and that scared me even more. As far as I was concerned, doctors were only nice when they had bad reports to give. I gave him a numb look as I expected the worst from him. Then he asked me the strangest question ever "Do you have any relations in Lagos?"
"No Sir but my father's sister and her husband live in Oyo State", I responded as I wondered why he posed such a question. After staring at me for a while, he spoke "Your parents were involved in fatal accident earlier this evening". It was my turn to stare at him for a while before I finally spoke "Where are they? Are they okay? Can I see them now?"
He titled his eye-glasses on his face before he finally spoke "I'm sorry but they were dead before they arrived at this hospital"


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