Saturday, 16 March 2013


I cried, I screamed, he held my mouth and warned out loudly “If you make noise, I’ll kill you and drop your dead body in the sea”. At a point, I became numb and kept silent as the tears gushed out of my eyes like rivers of water. When he was done, he left me on the floor weak, used, abandoned and worse than ever. He took my only sanity from me and my little treasure for dust. What made it even worse was this, I didn't know who talk to, whether to tell my aunty and face the death that Uncle Lugo had promised me but what I feared most was breaking her marriage and having the whole extended family regard me as a home-breaker or having my Uncle paint me as liar in a bid to defend his-self. My aunty returned the next-week and life went on for them but not for me. However, little did I know that my sorrows had just began. As my aunty continued with her series of business-related trips, Uncle Lugo used that opportunity to take any innocence that was left in me. Every single week, when aunty was away, he forcefully slept with me. Out of frustration, I stopped attending school, I became highly suicidal and couldn't find the most appropriate means to end my life.

One day, while I sat in my room crying (that had become a regular pattern), a thought flashed in my head and it involved me taking the life of my Uncle. I embraced it gladly and began to make plans on how to go about it. I finally decided that my best option was to use a sharp knife since I didn't have access to a gun. Slowly, I began to master-mind the plan of how I was going to kill Uncle Lugo.
It was a bright Saturday morning. As usual, aunty wasn't around and it was just me and Uncle Lugo in the house. Uncle Lugo had gone to the supermarket to obtain groceries for the house. While he was away, I hid a sharp knife in my back pocket with the intention of using it on him once I had the opportunity to come close to him. Later in the day, when he returned from work, he dropped the groceries and decided to take a short nap. “Yes” I whispered to myself as I brought out the knife. I crept silently into his room as I watched him snore with intensity. I hissed as walked to the side of his bed. “This is for taking away the last joy in my life” I whispered angrily. With those words, I raised the knife at him.


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