Saturday, 13 April 2013


It was raining heavily with intermittent sounds of crashing thunder and eye-blinding lightning. The death of Ifionu Chukshit the entire school like a bomb-attack which left many devastated. Staff and students were left at the mourning zone and most girls had refused to leave their halls of residence where crying groups had been formed. Halima walked out of the library where she had just finished reading with several things on her mind. She had heard a scream during her early hours in the library and hadn’t heard news pertaining to the scream. “This rain had better stop so I can get to my hall” she muttered under her breath. Luckily for her another student with an umbrella came out of the library and offered to share his umbrella with her. “Thanks” she voiced coldly as they took a stroll. “It’s the least I can do after what has happened” the stranger responded calmly.
“What do you mean? What happened?” Halima wondered as she looked at the kind stranger.
“Aren’t you Halima, the girl-friend of the guy who died some hours ago?” the stranger responded as he assumed that she knew what had happened to Chuks.
“I don’t understand what you’re talking of, Which girl-friend? Which guy died?” Halima questioned with a puzzled look on her face.
On noticing that Halima was blank, the stranger opted out from being the one to break the news so he simply ended with the words “I have to run now; it was nice talking to you”. With those words, he walked away as fast as possible leaving Halima to drown in confusion.

The rain drops had reduced but Halima still felt a storm about to rise in her life. “God forbid” she muttered under her breath as she walked into her hall. People were crying virtually everywhere. “What’s going on?” she asked a friend who walked up to her. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard”
“Heard what?” Halima probed with concern written all over her face. Instantly, her friend turned away. “What happened? Talk to me, what’s going on?” Halima voiced near tears. Just then, another student walked past them and without noticing Halima voiced out the words “I can’t believe Chuks is dead”.
Halima’s eyes widened as she took in the words slowly. Pain and sadness gripped her heart causing her to experience chest discomforts and signs of an attack.  Suddenly, every-thing became blurry as Halima felt herself passing away. Five seconds later, Halima was on the floor. She had fainted.


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