Sunday, 7 April 2013


Chuks Ifionu was tall, dark and handsome. Everybody loved Chuks or at least that was what it seemed like. He made everyone laugh when he was around; his presence had a way of calming the atmosphere and he was the most generous person that ever existed. He could give until he had nothing left. His endearing qualities earned him several secret and open admirers especially in terms of the female gender but one thing Chuks always stated was “my heart belongs to someone and her name is Halima Williams”.
Chuks and Halima were the most popular couple in school and maybe it was Chuks’ fame that made their relationship known to all, one thing was sure, every girl at Zurax College envied Halima and some even went as far as making it known. There were days when Halima would meet dirty water in the locker where she kept her books and other times when she met ugly letters like “You don’t deserve Chuks” in her wallet. Initially she had ignored such comments and decided not to let it get to her but her distaste knew no boundary when she woke up one morning only to discover that all her clothes had been shredded into pieces with a note stating “These and many more you would get if you don’t stay away from Chuks Ifionu”. That day, she cried until no tear was left in het tear-gland. Eventually, when Chuks came to see her, she had planned to end the relationship but staring at his glistening eyes as he consoled her, she knew that ending the relationship wasn’t the answer. Something else was and no matter what other girls did to ruin her relationship, she wasn’t going to give them the benefit of winning. Chuks was hers and she was determined to keep him for life.

On the last day of May 1989, a loud scream was heard from the back of the library. This was followed by curious passers-by rushing to the scene in other to ensure that nothing was wrong. Just in front of the emergency exit door was the body of Chuks Ifionu lying in a pool of blood. He had been stabbed. It was a terrible sight as the blood kept coming out from the open wound. He was still breathing but each breath he took was slow and filled with pain. Persons struggled to catch a view of the dying Chuks, some guys took a video of the scenario on their phones, and some girls were in tears while others were gasping with words of “Ah!”. Only one person had the dignity to call for medical assistance. Halima was no-where to be found. Some minutes later, an ambulance arrived and Chuks was placed on a stretcher. Amidst the paramedic frenzy Chuks mouthed these word “Halima”. In his dying breath, her name was still on his lips. Before the ambulance left Chuks gave up the ghost repeating the word “Halima”. 


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