Saturday, 27 April 2013


Halima sat on the floor of the station with tears running down her face. It was bad enough that she had lost someone she loved and to crown it all, the police were accusing her for being responsible. Pain and anger tugged at her heart. She had pleaded, cried and voiced out her innocence but the police had refused to let her out of detention or even go on a bail.
Maxwell stared at her through the bars of the prison where he was locked up with no form of sorry or pity written on his face, he simply smirked and turned away in anger. He had hoped that finding another suspect would hasten his release but his guess was all wrong. With a hiss, he flopped on the floor. Some hours later, Halima was locked up in the same cell as Maxwell. It was the most unpleasant scenario ever as they barely spoke to each other. Later, while they were asleep, some police-officers barged into the cell and took them to separate rooms where they were tortured. No confession came out of it.

Over at Zurax college, rumour had spread round that Maxwell and Halima conspired to kill Chuks because they wanted to run away together. The storyline of the gist was completely pathetic and led the creation of terrible nick-names for both of them. For days, evidence remained inadequate and the case became more mysterious. However, one faithful day while Halima and Maxwell were in the prison they got into a fight. Apparently, Maxwell hit Halima accidentally and she responded with a heavy slap which caused him to regard her as a sloth and boy-friend killer. The insult was too much for Halima as she responded “I will kill you oh!”.
“You want to send me to where you sent Chuks to” Maxwell voiced out angrily
“I will do worse, I will make sure that nobody finds your body to bury it” Halima retorted.
Just then, the police-officers arrived. Unfortunately, the cameras had captured the entire scene and Halima was retracted from the prison-cell for further questioning. On refusing to confess, she was given the worst torture of her life and hot metal was used on her body. In pain, she screamed “I didn’t mean to kill him, I just wanted to teach those stupid girls that were always harassing me”.
“What did you want to teach them” the officer bellowed loudly placing the hot iron on another part of her body.

In pain she screamed “I wanted to let them know that if I can’t have Chuks then they can’t”.
Complete shock was written on the face of all the police-officers. Halima Williams was responsible for the death of Chuks.

Written By: Olugbeje Temitope


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