Friday, 12 April 2013

New Kidnapping Tactics I Saw

You might find this a very valuable piece of information. Yesterday someone very close to me entered a taxi, and on her/his way home the driver diverted to a scantily populated street and stole her/his phone and money this occurred at 10am. Around 10pm or thereabout she/he received a phone call with her siblings phone and the call was from her stolen line. The person speaking told her/him that he found the phone in an abandoned taxi but wanted to alert the owner (which was a lie actually) and that she/he should pick it up at a specified location. She/he told the caller that the location was very far so they fixed a location very close to the house ,also She/he told the caller that she/he was coming with his/her dad and this threw the caller aback but he still approved the meeting.

On getting there they discovered that the caller abandoned the phone there and was not seen........ But this is not even the main thing.... Two months ago this same scenario happened to 3 people here in Port harcourt, they celebrated the successful retrieval of their phone(Blackberry) not knowing that the phone was tampered with and their movement was tracked. So they were eventually kidnapped at another day and location.

If your phone is ever stolen and then you are told to pick it up, its better you don't go at all but just deactivate the line through your network provider.... Stay Safe


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