Sunday, 7 April 2013


I wouldn't be saying this if not for the recent development on Amnesty for Boko Haram. In the case of MEND, they had a reason; Oil was drilled from their communities and there was no evidence of the Oil money in their communities. I'm not justifying their means of using arms to make their voices heard, i'm only saying they had a reason to take up arms.

But the case of Boko Haram is pointless. You blow people up and destroy properties because you hate "Western Education" but meanwhile the guns and bombs you use were not developed and  constructed in Arabic. Now the "Boko Haramites" want amnesty for what? for being highly illiterate?. The painful part of the whole thing is that the government is even considering thinking about granting them amnesty. It's like Obama granting amnesty to Bin Laden so that peace will reign, does it make sense?. 

If the government grants amnesty to Boko Haram, they will automatically create well paying Jobs because trust me terrorism would be the biggest business in town. Like a friend of mine posted on Facebook "When I graduate, I guess I''ll just get an AK assault rifle, kill as many as i can, and then I would be granted amnesty........"

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