Monday, 1 April 2013


I didn’t know who to tell or even what to do. I wanted to run away but where was I going to run to. I thought of abortion but then, the fear of killing an unborn child choked me to death so I just couldn’t engage in the act. I decided to call my friend who had called me some days earlier and informed her that I was going to come and spend some days with her. Thankfully, she agreed and even offered to come and pick me. When I informed my aunt and uncle of the idea, they were surprised, my uncle especially. Without me having to do too much convincing, my aunt agreed that I needed some time out even if it was for a week. My uncle blatantly refused stating that I was just a young girl and if I stayed in the wrong place, I could be victimized by young and useless boys. My aunt and I watched as he ranted on about how I was too precious to go. He concluded with the words “Who would take care of me when you travel to Abuja?” I was in a state of complete shock as I wanted to scream “How dare you?” but I simply kept quiet and stared as tears began to stroll down my face. On seeing my tears, my aunty spoke out loudly and sharply “Sabrina would go and spend some time with her friend even if it means that this week I won’t go to Abuja”. With my aunt’s final say, Uncle kept quiet as he grumbled under his breath.

The next day, my dear friend- Chioma, came to pick me up. Joyfully, I left the house without wasting much time saying good-byes. Sincerely, I didn’t want to return. Chima made me feel much better and her family was the exact definition of welcoming and loving. They treated me as their own daughter and answered to my every need. For the first time in a long while, I felt the warmth of a family and guess what, I actually smiled several times. Three (3) nights after, Chioma reminded me about the crusade that was to hold the next day. I wasn’t really interested but Chioma had done so much for me in the little time I had spent with them and I didn’t want to make her feel bad so I accepted to come along. The next day, the entire family set out for the crusade, I was surprised as I thought it was just me and Chioma but then, I was very excited. The Okatas reminded me so much of my late family members. At the crusade, the worship was amazing and for the first time, I saw myself crying during the worship asking God to just take-over my life. I remembered all the hurtful things I said about God and asked him to please forgive me and accept my worship. As soon as I made that statement, it was like my worship went to the next levels. When the minister came on board, the atmosphere was something else as the Holy Spirit powered the atmosphere. His words weren’t ordinary, it was like they were anointed. He spoke about God’s love for us and then went on to talk about the fact that even when we go through our deepest darkness, God is right there beside us. He reminded me of the scripture in which God said “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you”. It was like he was talking to me. When the altar call was made, I didn’t need any coercion to take me to the front where the preacher was. I was in tears, asking God to have mercy on me. After the sinners prayer, it was like a weight had been lifted from me. For the first time, I mouthed these words “Thank you Lord for saving Sabrina”. That day, as we returned back home, I decided to buy myself a bible from a nearby bookstore. However, I didn’t see a car coming from the other side. Before Chioma could stop me by calling my name, the car hit me. Instantly, I went into a black out.

Two (2) weeks later, I woke up in the hospital. My aunt was beside me. She was praying quietly and on noticing that I had woke up, she went to call the doctor. After a round of checks, the doctor responded “She’s doing fine”. With that, he left. As soon as he left, my aunt went on her knees and began to beg me “Please Sabrina, forgive me for not knowing what my husband was doing to you”. She was in tears. “How did you know?” I asked gently. One night while he was sleeping, he began to talk about everything that happened while he was away. Initially, I thought he was sleep-talking and so I woke him up then confronted him. He denied it over and over again so I decided to interrogate the gate-man who eventually told me that every weekend when I travelled, he usually heard you screaming at night, he told me everything he knew”. “Where is Uncle?” I finally voiced. “I ensured he was arrested and he’s not going to be coming back” My aunty continued. 
With the little strength in me, I whispered “It’s alright aunty, I’ve forgiven Uncle Lugo”.
“What happened to you?” My aunty asked surprised or rather shocked.
“Christ happened to me, he saved Sabrina”.  
My Aunty smiled with joy as she held me and promised to take care of my unborn child.

Written by: Olugbeje Temitope


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