Wednesday, 24 April 2013

To The Best Elder Brother In The World

Here’s to that one person that means a lot without knowing…
Deep down that tough skin, his heart, as soft as ever
Deep down those large hands, lies a space for mine,
Beneath those silly fights, the love we share,
Beneath those insults, compliments and praises,
Beneath those tantrums, our value for each other,
Beneath our outrageous behavior to our younger brother, unending unquestionable commitment to him,
Beneath those lies told for one another, a reminder that we’d always have our backs,
Beneath those numerous ‘No’s said to each other, is a lesson learnt,
Beneath those days of argument over stuff, our love in sharing,
Beneath those uncountable ‘debts’ owed, a reminder we’d always be indebted to each other,
Beneath those discouraging words that were never meant, words of encouragement in all you will do,
Beneath all the arguments on who’s better at games, you would always be the one,
Beneath the entire ‘girl’ gist we share, an assurance there’s always a space for me,
Beneath the scar on my head, a twisted wrist, and a broken tooth, memories I’d never wish to forget,
Beneath the burn on your back, lie a heap of regrets for spoiling such a perfect you.
This is simply to show how much you mean to me and to all of us…
With truckloads of love,
Your younger sister.

Written By: Iweanya Veronica


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