Saturday, 18 May 2013


In anger, I watched Chinwe try to explain why I shouldn’t have any fears about the picture of her in the arms of another guy. After rambling about so many things, she finally shouted gently “Emeka, he’s just my brother that schools abroad”.
I wasn’t convinced. “How can you take this kind of pose with your brother?” I inquired as fear coloured my face.
She stared at me for a while before responding “My brother- Chuks is like my best-friend and I really don’t see why you should be upset about a pose like this....if you’re so bothered, I could call him now so you can speak with him”. With that, she brought out her phone from her bag and began to dial an international number.
At that point, I knew she had to be telling the truth and I felt sorry for ever questioning her. With compassion, I gently took the phone from her and ended the call. “I’m sorry for not believing you” I whispered gently and took her into a warm embrace. She didn’t even get angry; she simply smiled and responded “It’s alright dear”.

We spent the next few hours acting like nothing ever happened. We playful ate popcorn and threw half of the pack of pop-corn at ourselves. My love for her blossomed and there was nothing that I couldn’t do for her.
For over three (3) years, Chinwe and I had been dating and our love knew no bounds. I had even started making plans to introduce her to my family, and later marry her. It was like my heart was completely tied to her. A week after I had introduced her to my mother, she approached me for the most unusual request.
“Mike, I need a million naira” she voiced calmly after we finished dinner that night.
A look of shock coloured my face before I finally normalized.
 “What for?” I requested without allowing shock to lace my response.
“My mother is sick, lying in the hospital and the doctor has stated that without the money she can’t receive further treatment” Chinwe voiced with tears slowing running down her face.
I couldn’t bear to see her sad or even worse “in tears”. “It’s alright dear, I’ll forward the money to your account tomorrow” I responded calmly.
The next day, I was standing in front of Chinwe with a cheque of one million naira. “Here you go love” I voiced as I handed it over to her.
It was all the money in my account.


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