Sunday, 12 May 2013

After I Met Chinwe. Episode Two

It was a beautiful Saturday evening, Chinwe and I simply stared at the beautiful moon as we lay on the floor with our backs.
“The sky looks so beautiful” she mouthed gently.
“Not as beautiful as you are my dear” I voiced with a smile toning my face gently.
From the corner of my eyes, I could see her blush with great intensity. It had been two (2) months since we started dating and I felt on top if the world. Chinwe was like my missing rib. Every-time I felt sad, she had a way of uplifting my soul. Whenever I had something on my mind, she had a way of getting it out and putting it on the table for us to discuss. Plus, she was intelligent, endowed and had everything that guys like me were in search of. As far as I was concerned, nothing could separate Chinwe and I. I loved her so much.
Two weeks later, the most dramatic thing happened and that was when I was blinded by the fact that Chinwe was an angel. We were strolling on the road when we noticed a little child that was crying by the road-side. I thought we were just going to walk past him but Chinwe shocked me as she spoke to me gently “Please give me a minute”.

With those words, she walked towards the child and bent down to find out what the problem was. I simply stared in shock as I crawled quietly behind her. Right in my front, Chinwe pulled off her jacket and wore it for this abandoned child. Then, she brought out her wallet and gave the child every single penny that she had. As if that was not enough, she offered to take the child to the nearest police-station so that the parents could be contacted. My love for her grew even deeper.
The next day, I watched Chinwe as she went to get a drink for both of us. Love and admiration was written all-over my face. Just then, her phone vibrated. I picked up her bag to get the phone and quickly run to her when I saw the most unexpected thing ever.
It was a picture of Chinwe in the arms of another guy


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