Saturday, 25 May 2013


You can call me foolish but that was how much I loved Chinwe Okoye. My love for her was open, strong and without reservation. The week after, Chinwe and I were supposed to have a night out at a famous Chinese restaurant but she didn’t show up. I tried calling her, texting her and looking for her but it was to no avail. The next day, I decided to go to her house but it was empty and the environment seemed unusually quiet. Fear and worry began to grip my heart. Fear concerning the fact that “I couldn’t imagine my life without Chinwe” and worry about if she was okay. Later that night, I was in my room lost in thought when a message came in. It was from an international number stating that Chinwe had travelled abroad and that I shouldn’t bother looking for her because she was gone forever. Immediately, I tried calling the number but it wasn’t reachable. That was the last I ever heard of Chinwe.
Chinwe Okoye had gotten me to fall in love with her, given me a desire to marry her, taken all my life savings away with her along with my heart. She had left me heart-broken and all I could do was weep. I later got to find out that Chinwe Okoye was a faked personality.
Now, I hope you understand the reason for my choice of words at the beginning of my story:
“ Meeting you was by chance”
“Becoming your friend was a mistake”
“Falling in love with you was a regret”
“You’re the worst person that ever happened to me”
Chinwe Okoye taught me the most valuable lesson ever “Look before you leap”. After I met Chinwe, I was bitten and battered physically, emotionally and psychologically. I lost everything and almost felt like I had no reason to live but some-how, my experience with Chinwe opened my eyes.
After I met Chinwe, I fell in love.
After I met Chinwe, I lost on love.
After I met Chinwe, I became wiser.


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