Wednesday, 29 May 2013

We Might Have Fared Better Under Colonial Rule #ColonialRule

Let me begin by saying a very big Happy Democracy Day to all of us Nigerians. Now to reality, why are we even celebrating DEMOCRACY? we are supposed to be shedding hot tears and bowing our heads in shame today. I'm  really sorry i'm saying this but it's just the very plain fact. A Nation where only 36 people will vote and there will still be accusations and counter-accusations. A Nation where human rights is a very foreign language. A Nation where corrupt people are awarded National Honours. A Nation where your voice can only be heard when you carry arms. This is not democracy, it's full version madness.

Now to the title of this post, I believe strongly that we would have been a better Nation if we still had white rulers and I can back this with some facts. Above is a picture of the rail way workers back in the days; this railway system is still what lies shabbily with little or no development and this was done back in the colonial era.
The PHCN grid or let me call it our electricity grid is still using the same structure it had being using right from the colonial era with little or no development even when houses and Industries spring up every other day. These and so many other stuff were done back in the colonial era.

All we've ever been doing right from independence is fighting each other and destroying our \name. I'm not saying we haven't tried but comparing our rate of development to the rate of development of other countries such as Mauritius who got their independence after us, it's really not impressive. I believe we would have had better roads, better schools, better social amenities if we still had white rulers because even if they'll still carry our wealth to their countries they would still have developed here. A good example is the multi-national Oil companies such as Shell and Total. The facilities they put in place here in Nigeria for their workers are very amazing. If you've ever been to Total village Port Harcourt, you'll understand what i'm talking about and this is just from the money they make from our Oil. Obagi, a place in Rivers State has 24hrs Electricity and water supply because Total drills from their community; compare this to the amount of money they make from Obagi, its actually nothing to Total but its a big something to the residents of Obagi. I don't know if you understand where i'm coming from.

Maybe our independence should have come later; just maybe.... Join the discussion on twitter with this hashtag #ColonialRule


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