Thursday, 9 May 2013


What a title!!! What a statement “Why I love sex” a lot of people are already wondering if anything is particularly wrong with me, but most times those who read with their eyes are blind.
I love sex because it is sacred, it is the highest form of intimacy we can ever share with a person, it is beautiful, and it is pleasant. But I didn’t have this mentality when I was younger because I interpreted my parents’ silence on sex related issues as an indication that there was something “wrong” with it, that it was “dirty”. But that wasn’t the reason at all. The exact opposite is true.
We don’t refrain from discussing sex because it is “dirty”. We refrain from discussing sex because it is “sacred” it is “‘awe’some”. To be sacred means to be “set apart”, to be set aside in a place of honor. Two people sharing themselves so intimately is beautiful but it wasn’t designed for all situations, it was designed for a specific situation. It was designed to be the ultimate consummation between a husband and his wife, something to be shared only between them and shared forever. It is a physical re-affirmation of the wedding vows shared on that altar.

Let’s put religious beliefs aside for a moment and think of sacred as something special and significant. So put that way, would you say sex should be something that is special and significant? I would say a big yes! So many people are getting hurt because sex is being misused, what do you think happens during sex? You don’t just have sex with your bodies; you have sex with your soul. There is always a part of you that that remains with your partner after having sex, that’s why after the pleasure fades away there is always deep regret and emptiness.  I love sex because it is an intimate act of self-giving love between a man and his wife; it is the special act through which new life is brought to earth. So why should I hate sex?
Sex isn’t evil; for marriage is why God made it. Some people in longing for love and acceptance give themselves up to another person’s lust. It feels good at first but then it gets bitter because sex isn’t supposed to be just for fun; the creator made it for a purpose. 

This brings us to the conclusion, the society and the media have likened sex to a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy which looks nothing like the original document. So in the process of cheapening sex through what they show us TV and what we hear on  Radio, they’ve made us lose sight of why it originally was created. I love sex because it was designed to be a Covenant between a man and his wife, it is the ultimate form of love I can ever show to my wife, it is blissful, it is heavenly, it is divine and it is meant to be reserved for the right time and the right person.


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