Saturday, 1 June 2013

Dear Diana. Episode 1

I can never forget the first day I stepped into Triumphant University, it was my most memorable day ever and here’s why. As soon as I alighted from the bus, I bumped into the most beautiful girl ever. It wasn't the fact that she almost caused me to land on the floor but there was something about her that radiated and caught my attention. It was the first time I saw Diana Okwudili.
Diana was tall, fair and very beautiful. It was like she wasn't of this world. I stared for a while before the person behind jerked me into reality muttering “My friend move out of the way”. In the twinkle of an eye, Diana was gone. I had to find her soon. Those were the last words I thought about before I sauntered off to begin the clearance process.

Soon afterwards, lectures began and deep within me, I hoped that Diana was going to resurface on campus. My newly acquired friends kept telling me to forget about ever seeing her again. According to them, there were several fishes in the water and Diana was one of those fishes. It was funny but that was exactly how they put it.
“Besides, Triumphant University is a really big school and the probability that you’ll this dream girl is very low” Tosin- one of my pals voiced out gently. On hearing his statement, it dawned on me that there could be the possibility of truth in what he was saying. Initially, it felt saddening but after a while I began to accept the reality.

My class was very large and it was quite obvious that I probably wasn’t going to speak to some people even for the time period that we were going to remain in the university. It was like I saw new faces every single day. On the last day of the month, we were having our final lecture for the day when the lecturer posed a very difficult question. In no time, a young lady stood up confidently to answer the question.
After she brilliantly answered the question, with a smile; the lecturer asked “What’s your name?”
“Diana Okwudili” she responded calmly.
My mouth dropped in shock as I raised my head a little bit.
Diana Okwudili was my course-mate.


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