Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dear Diana. (EPISODE 2)

Excitedly, I called the attention of my friends as I showed them the girl that had been on my mind since my inception into the University. They all had different expressions. Tosin whispered gently “Pretty girl but looks like a book-worm”.
Charles hissed then muttered “She’s not even that fine, there are other finer babes on Campus and I can prove that”. Emeka’s reaction was the most shocking “Don’t go near that babe, you’ll hate yourself for trying it”. Surprised, I directed my gaze at him and asked “Why? What’s wrong with her?”
With venom in his voice, Emeka continued “We dated in secondary school”
I was shocked. Seeing the look on my face, Emeka continued “She sucked me dry and dumped me for a richer guy”. My ears were filled. For a moment, I wished that I didn’t show them who Diana was. In fact, till today I wished I had kept her person secret. It was almost impossible to further any plans with her based on what I had just heard. After what Emeka had said, the other guys began to insult her and call her names. I was simply numb.

That day, after classes I decided to sit down in class and ponder on the whole issue after my friends had left. Dating Diana would mean letting go of what Emeka said and forging ahead but what if he was speaking the truth. I could feel confusion driving through my veins.
The next day, I sat in class with puzzled look on my face. From afar, I sighted Diana in a corner of the class. She was absorbed in the book that she was reading. Perplexed on what to do, I decided to walk up to her. “Hi” I mouthed gently as I sat beside her.
With a smile, she responded “Hello”. A conversation began. It wasn’t long before my friends came into the class and noticed what was happening. On seeing them, I began to act like I didn’t know Diana was sitting beside me. Just then, they came over. Emeka was the first to speak as he voiced loudly “Stupid” with a hiss to follow. Although he didn’t mention anybody’s name, it was quite obvious that he was referring to Diana. My other friends were laughing hysterically in support of what Emeka said.
I stared in shock, not knowing what to do. As if trying to help me, Emeka continued “Abeg, Bryan.....make we dey go”

Without complaining or saying a word to Diana, I stood up and left with them.


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