Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dear Diana. (EPISODE 3)

You guessed right! Diana and I never spoke again after that day. I didn’t even have the guts to walk up to her again for the fear of what my friends could do. The funny thing was that, every time she saw me, she simply smiled and turned her face away. This went on for a whole semester.
During the week before exams, a lecturer posed a question at me and asked me to stand up then tell the entire class what I thought the answer was. Unfortunately, I didn’t know it so I simply stared like a dumb-ass. Jeez! I felt so embarrassed. After a few minutes of insulting me for not listening in class, he then voiced out loudly “Who is willing to bail him out by answering the question?”
His words were followed by a young lady who raised her right hand above her head. She stood up and answered the question so well. In fact, I felt more foolish. I rubbed my eyes to get a clear picture of who it was and to my greatest shock, it was Diana.

By the time she was done speaking, the class gave her a round of applause. Deep within, I began to wonder why anybody would hold anything against her. I finally decided that I was going to try and make-up for what happened the last time. So after lectures, I rushed to get her a cone of ice-cream. All the while, I didn’t know that Emeka had been studying my movements. As I approached Diana to say thank-you, Emeka purposely ran into me and spilled the ice-cream on Diana muttering “Good job Bryan, Ice-cream is meant to mess up messed up girls”.

With those words, he sauntered off. He had succeeded in making it look like I purposely bought the ice-cream to pour it on Diana. Before I could get a grip of myself and apologize, in tears, Diana walked out on me.


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