Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dear Diana. (Episode 4)

“What did she do to you?” I screamed at Emeka as soon as I saw him. I was furious and frustrated. He simply laughed without any tangible response. At that moment, I became angrier as I shook him gently “Oh boy, talk now”
“I just hate her” he finally voiced out with anger lacing his response. Tosin and Charles simply stared at us without wanting to involve themselves in our case.
“How can you just hate somebody” I responded.
“She’s a bitch, a bitch for what she did to me” Emeka shouted angrily.
“Because of something that happened how many years ago, get over it and grow up” I hissed.
With those words, Emeka walked out on me.

Exams came and left rapidly like it was in a hurry and no-one could stop it. Through it all, I searched for Diana but she was no-where to be found. At a point, I began to ask around but nobody seemed to know about her where-abouts. I knew something was wrong but I just couldn’t place my finger on it.
Resumption for the next semester was definitely not the same without her. Apparently, she had the best result in the class for last semester. Classes were a bore and there was nobody to answer the difficult questions in class or bail me out of a lecturer’s palava (troublesome question).
“Diana, where are you?” I whispered gently in my heart. My train on thoughts were stopped by some girls talking and crying in a corner. Very soon, they began to attract people. Curious, I walked towards them to find out about what had happened.

I didn’t even have to get to where they were before I heard whispers of “Diana Okwudili died of brain cancer during the holidays”. 


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