Thursday, 6 June 2013


Ever had something you always wanted to tell someone but you never had the opportunity to?
Ever had something you always wanted to do, but never did it?
If you were to die in three days’ time, what would you say or do?
The better question is why haven’t you said it or why haven’t you done it?

Life is too short, count your days in moments and not in years, always smile, let go of people who truly do not matter and appreciate the people who matter, never cry over issues that won’t matter in the next 2, 3, 5 years, laugh like it’s your last, dance like it’s your best. Love like it’s your first and forgive and forget. Hold no grudge, talk no slander. Remain happy, free, pure and chaste!

Life’s too short, don’t shorten it the more, avoid recklessness, do that which is right. If you like something, state it, if you love someone, say it. If you need something, ask for it. If you are asked, give it. Ignore all destructive criticism and just remain who you are.

Life’s too short, so…
-Pay for a stranger on your way home.
-Tell the lady you buy stuff from that she is doing a great job.
-Give a stranger a reason to smile.
-Talk to the guy who never talks in class.
-Lend someone a hand without being asked.
-Help a random course mate with his/her failing grade.
-Tell that boy/girl he/she is handsome/beautiful.
-Ask that girl out
-Befriend the loner of your class
-Tell someone your life story without leaving any detail out
-Sleep under the stars
-Tell your siblings you love them soooo much
-Make a big ‘thank you’ card for your parents
-Call a forgotten friend and arrange for a rendezvous
-Stare at the mirror and shout ‘I LOVE YOU SO MUCH’


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