Tuesday, 16 July 2013

EVEN - Episode Two

Ten (10) years later

I had been searching for a job as long as I could remember and it was the most horrible feeling ever. Let me try and explain; I had been to fifteen (15) different companies and all of them had the same reply “You don’t have the potential to be employed in our company”. The words tore my heart into two and always left me in tears. I’m a 1st Class student of Banking and Finance from a reputable university and yet can’t secure a job in any company I apply to. How more terrible could my life get???
“Mama, I’m tired of life” I voiced out in tears to my mother
With a dim light on her face, she responded “Kenechukwu Osita! Don’t worry, God is in charge”
Somehow, I felt like I had a curse on my head that was responsible for all the bad luck and misfortune in my life. Day after day, night after night, I would spend in tears wondering what I did to deserve a slap on my heart. This went on for a while until one blessed morning while I was thinking of what to feast on for the day; I received a mail asking me to come for an interview in a company that I didn’t apply to. It seemed mysterious but somehow, I decide to see the finger of God in it all.

I dressed up the next day and found my way to Topaz Consultants Ltd. It was the best interview ever as nobody tackled me and for some reason it felt like the job had been reserved for me. Two (2) weeks later, I received a letter of appointment asking me to come and commence as the personal assistant to the Chief Executive Officer with a salary of half a million for starting.
 “Oh my God!” I muttered as I embraced my mother with joy written all over my face. In one second, God had changed my luck; things were already looking better.
I resumed work the next day and was introduced to the CEO instantly.
“Good morning Sir!” I greeted in a fine baritone voice.
With a sheepish smile, he responded “Good morning!”
There was something familiar about his face but I just couldn’t place my finger on it.  I was still thinking deeply on these things when his voice jerked me back to reality

“Welcome to Topaz Consultants where individuals get EVEN!!!”


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