Saturday, 6 July 2013


Ten (10) years ago

Professor Okolo peered through his glasses at his students as he awaited an answer to the question that he had posed earlier. After a few minutes, his voice bellowed through the class as he spoke “Doesn’t anybody know the definition of Wage Solidarism??” After a fruitless search, he pointed at a male student who seemed like he was trying his best to avoid answering the question. Fidgeting, the young lad arose as he whispered some words which nobody could hear.
“Speak loudly” Professor Mukoro responded angrily.
“Sir I don’t know the answer” the male student replied gently.
“You should be ashamed of yourself, I have defined Wage solidarism more than fifty times in this class” Professor voiced in a loud and grieved tone.
“Sorry Sir” the male student whispered with his eyes fixed on the floor.
“Sorry for yourself....Does anybody want to help him out for a reward from me” Professoror Mukoro asked with a sheepish smile on his face.

At that point, a hand shot up. It was another male student. At the nudge of Professor Mukoro, he stood up and answered “Wage Solidarism can simply be defined as equalizing wage across all skill and seniority level”. His intelligent answer was followed by a round of applause from the class. With excitement, the lecturer urged him to come to the front of the class with the other student who had failed the question.
“Now time for my reward” Professor Mukoro voiced in a mysterious tone.
“Yes Sir!” the student who answered the question correctly replied.
“Please slap this lad for not responding to my question correctly” Professor continued as he pointed to the student that had failed to attempt his question.
“But Sir, I can’t”
“Well if you don’t, I will slap you or tell him to slap you”
This is madness the student thought as he spoke “Alright sir”.
Turning to the student who was to receive the slap he whispered “I’m sorry” and gave him the hottest slap of his life that caused him to stagger.


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