Sunday, 25 August 2013


I want to really really apologize for my chronic absence from my blog... Fashionova 2013 took my brain juice. But i'm back and better. Below starts this wonderful series;

It’s not my fault that I hate boys and can’t stand them. I just detest their sight and nothing can change my mind. Being the only child of my parents, I grew up alone with a very abnormal childhood. My father was very protective about me and so ensured that my life fell between home, school and church. It was entirely frustrating and made me a loner. I had gotten used to the life that my parents had designed for me to live until the 15th of May 2007. That night changed my perspective about the male gender and gave me a story that I didn’t like to reckon with.
It was six (6) years since that event took place and truth is, I hadn’t gotten over what happened to me that night. I sat in class after a lecture and pondered about the events of my life when I felt a gentle tap on my back followed by the words “Hello Simi!” It was another disgusting boy. Henry had been bugging me to be his girlfriend since my inception into 100level but despite how I disappointed him, he never gave up on me. Before thinking any further, I uttered “This guy, wetin I do you now???”

“I just wanted to say hi” he responded politely. His reply was followed by a hiss from me. Not minding my response he continued “Can I sit with you?”
“No” I practically screamed
“Well then, I’d stand” he muttered as he stood beside me. “What manner of idiot is this?” I wondered in my mind. After a few awkward minutes of silence, he voiced out gently “You know, not all guys are the same, some are positively different”. In shock, I raised my and stared at him.
“That’s a lie, you’re all wolves” I quickly asserted
“Some of us are actually sheep” he continued with a smile. His words made me laugh and reply gently “But you’re all still animals”
“Umh Simi! Every human is an animal....a social animal”
As much as I tried to engage control, I found myself laughing more and more at his really hilarious nature. It felt really awkward but we actually got talking and spent most of the time laughing.
“Tell me, why do you hate guys so much???” Henry asked with a puzzled but concerned look on his face.
After hesitating for a while, I replied “15th May 2007”


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