Saturday, 7 September 2013


I spent weeks in the hospital before I regained consciousness. Even after becoming conscious, I began to have nightmares were men pursued me with a bid to rape me or molest me. I woke up either screaming or crying profusely. 15th May 2007 marked a negative turning point in my life and the beginning of my hatred for the male gender. As if that was not enough, something even worse happened that practically threatened the course of my life. The night I arrived home from the hospital, my parents insisted on having a conversation with me.

The look on their faces read fear and extreme uncertainty. After an awkward moment of silence, my father broke out gently “Simi! your mother and I love you gently”
“And we want the best for you” my mother’s voice followed him.
“What’s happening?” I immediately probed. The fear in their eyes heightened as they turned away from me. “Daddy,Mummy, I’m the last person you should hide anything from” I voiced out in pain.
“It’s just that...” My father’s voice broke away. Just then, the door bell rang and in came visitors who came to sympathize with us. Truth was, I really didn’t feel like seeing anybody. It took hours before the last set of visitors came. Through it all, I felt very scared and uncertain.
Out of anger, I barged into my parents room and screamed “Just tell me what the problem is!”
“You’re pregnant” My father responded angrily.


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