Saturday, 7 September 2013


How long will i be intimidated
by the voice of my most hated?
For how long will this continue
Before it changes to a different tune
I ask myself the same questions
Must i subsume my interest for theirs?
Even if i did
Would they notice my good deed?

I spin round in confusion
My intellect can no longer comprehend this
why must i be the most wanted?
Why cant humans or once be glad?
For once consider my emotion
my emotion they hurt with intent of destruction
I sought to free myself from much guilt
i can no longer destroy my confidence built.

I realize
Finally I have the truth discovered
No longer would i seek to please others
Becaause even if i did,
Critics would still rise in numerous orders
Life itself is a personal race
"Survival of the fittest" so they say
I have decided in my most brilliant sense
That they can have their best say
But i would have my own way
My world, My Life, My say, My rules...

Written by: Simi Adewale


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