Wednesday, 2 October 2013


15th May 2007 was the worst day of life and I still remember it with so much hurt and pain.
“Henry; boys, men and the male gender is wicked” I voiced out in agony. “Because of their evil sexual desires and lust, they ruined the life of a young girl and terminated all her hopes and dreams. They ensnared me into a life of sadness, unhappiness and guilt” I continued in a bitter tone.
“Simi, I know how you feel and trust me, until you forgive those men you will forever remain hurt” Henry spoke with intense peace radiating in his eyes
“What do you mean? You don’t know how much they hurt me? You don’t even know half of the psychological damage that they did to me? You don’t....”
“Shhh” Henry whispered lovingly. Before I could angrily respond, he spoke out gently “I’ve been there before and mine was a case of rape by our house-girl when I was just eight (8) years old”
I stared at him in shock and disbelief. “Trust me when I say that until you forgive them, you can never have your sanity back” he interjected immediately.
“But they hurt me” I whispered gently in tears.
“Yes they did! But your restoration from hurt, pain, anguish, bitterness only begins when you let go and let God” Henry muttered gently
“How do you me I let God?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face.
“It’s simple really, forgive them and leave them to God”. Henry looked into my eyes and continued “Forgiving them is freeing yourself from the hurt they caused you and allowing God to deal with them on your behalf”.
For the first time in my life, someone made a whole lot of sense and I could identify on what I referred to as “the beginning of my healing process”.
“I forgive them Henry!” I cried out loud. Henry stood up, raised me up and gave me a hug. Instantly, I felt a kind of strange peace within my soul and at that moment, I boldly spoke out “15th May 2007 can never hunt me again” 


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