Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Relationship = Loss Of 3 Friends. At least

It's been a while I wrote something on Relationships but i have something to say today.. ghen ghen .
I did a little reading here and there a while ago and discovered that when you enter a relationship, you lose a couple of friends. I wondered why until I entered my own relationship a couple of days back..(Head Bows). So YES!! you actually lose about 3 friends at least (Note At least). The girls that were your friends but had a secret thing. You'll lose them. The girls that actually thought you were on their parole. You'll lose them. The guys that can't phantom why you chose the girl. You'll lose them. The guys that have babes less finer than your's. You'll lose them... okay slight exaggeration.. But you'll lose much more because the time you normally spend with those peeps of yours will be converted to her own time... 

I'd love to show you her pic but...... just follow on instagram you'll see her pic wella....
Btw, I just Finished reading CHIMAMANDA ADICHIE's AMERICANAH and that was a great piece of literature.. I'm inspired to start writing fiction hehehehe...


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