Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Nigeria I Desire... #IWANTANIGERIA

This piece is dedicated to you and the millions of young Nigerians who are justifiably angry, but who dare to desire a New Nigeria. I believe it is possible.

I desire a  Nigeria where every Nigerian child has access to quality education; a country with some of the best universities in the world that would bring forth ideas that would stun the ends of the earth. I desire a Nigeria where our graduates will be worthy of their degrees, not recipients of “sexually transmitted degrees”

I desire a  Nigeria where her people die in the presence of loved ones rather than in lonely foreign hospitals; a country that would break boundaries in the field of medicine. I desire a Nigeria that would treat foreigners as well as her own.

I desire a Nigeria with  an ever efficient and effective aviation sector, where there will be no air disasters and no flight delays; and airlines will ensure that their flights are on schedule, and if there are delays the airlines will tell passengers the exact reasons rather than the nonsensical “operational reasons”. I desire a society where customers will be queens and kings. I desire an aviation sector that will be planned for a growing population. I desire a country that renovates and builds airports for today and tomorrow. I desire the day when it will take passengers at our international airports less than 10 minutes to go through immigration.  I  desire a functional rail system and motorable roads, with the resultant decline in road accidents.

I dream of a Nigeria where human life is worth something, where human rights are respected, where good governance, right to life, security, and environmental safety are the norm rather than the exception.

I desire a Nigeria devoid of celebrated corruption; a nation with responsive and responsible leadership; a country with diligent and committed followership and a country that detests unnecessary call for 'hurray!' when it is not yet 'uhuru'.

I desire a Nigeria of free and fair elections; a country that does not see assumption of political office as a do-or-die affair.

I desire a Nigeria where the Coat of Arms means a lot,where the anthem is not sang for naught, where the currency is not bought, where the flag is without blot, where the motto calms down wrath, where the leaders have the led in thought. I desire a Nigeria where its leaders would have a better way of settling disputes other than hitting each other with The Mace .

I desire a Nigeria with citizens being equal, where parental connections won’t be the ticket, where I see men boasting of three square meals, graduates smiling a their work places, I see the green in our flag showing on our lands.

I desire a  Nigeria in which the primary objective of the men of God is to save souls and not to get population and collect offertory from large congregations. I desire a Nigeria where all religious leaders eat from one bowl, knowing its one God they all serve.

I desire a Nigeria that i would 'google' images of and see beautiful people, wonderful landscapes, excellent economic analysis, well organised government system, not hungry children, wounded men and women, riots and flooded roads, crowded streets  and dump sites .(well, try it and see!)

I desire a Nigeria that would not only win gold medals during the Olympics  but also host the Olympics proudly and gallantly.

I look forward to a Nigeria where every citizen and, even, foreigners would take pride in. An icon in the league of nations, a country where poverty will be at the barest minimum; a nation of outstanding inventors, producers and manufacturers, and not a nation of only consumers.

I desire a new Nigeria!
Happy 53rd Independence Day!!

Feel free to add your desires for this great country in the comment box..


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