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PHYSICAL INTIMACY - What A Friend Told Me..

When you get into a relationship, physical intimacy is a very key part of the relationship but "how far is too far?", what degree of physical intimacy is needed to keep the relationship at a healthy level?. If the the core of the relationship is built on just physical "stuff" alone, there's a great tendency that the relationship will end faster than you can say Iweanya Victor :)...

In my quest to understand how physical intimacy should be handled i got a very key advice from a friend and he goes thus:

Identify her primary love language and feed her with it if you want to keep her. Else you will loose her. #period#. The only thing left to know will be "what you will loose her to" she may either cheat on you or would frustrate the relationship for you to end it so that she can be free, or she will end it personally to free herself. In any case if you starve her love tank, someone else will fuel it and she will port. It will get really sour if she ports while you are still in love with her. Now physical intimacy in real world scenarios can be dealt with in two ways,... you can hold, cuddle,.. Kiss if you want in the appropriate environment. But stay away from "room" or isolated places else it will go beyond kiss... #fact# 

From another view, if her body craves for it... I mean... If she gets horny easily,.. There is little or nothing you can do about it. you can only pray and believe God will help her or end the relationship because she won't be able to say no,.. If a 'bad guy' that wants her body just for 5mins comes around. She will give him the go ahead, even if she loves you. These are not hypothetical illustrations..  You will either break your norms or be left with no choice but to end the relationship.  Girls who love physical touch are not so reinforced when it comes to strong will.. And ability to say No. Note that no two girls are the same,.. While one prefers physical intimacy, another girl will prefer to bond with her Boyfriend as a best friend,. With only a little bit of physical ish,...

If you find yourself with a girl that loves physical touch, then these are the options;
Bend your norms and keep her while she still fancies you.. Or bend your norms and keep her faithful.
Break the relationship if the extent she wants it doesn't agree with you, cos she would be faced with strong temptations if you don't respond. Pray together and avoid isolated places when together.

Talk freely about these topics,..don't make them 'ghost' topics,... Tell her how you get 'hard' and all and how uncomfortable it is especially cos you want her for 'keeps' not for pleasure,.. 
Every relationship needs a bit of romance... Especially in this 21st cent.  Spice things up don't go "french" kiss ever! In isolation cos if you do. It WILL go to the other level. The 'romantic kiss' should be fine I guess,... 

A 'good' girl in a relationship can cheat on her boyfriend cos of conji , it happens... 

This was written from a perspective that the boy in the relationship is very Moral, not a Bad guy and all....

What do you think?

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