Sunday, 5 January 2014

Don't Kill Yourself Over One Girl!

Many of you may have heard this particular tragic story of mine, but it has taught me a very intelligent lesson... Some people are laughing already, Kelechi, Adeleke I see you. To the Story; I really liked a particular girl this was about a year ago and this girl was everything I ever wanted in a female specie. She was cute, petite, walked with grace, laughed easily and was sooo charming. We got talking and I used my prince charming abilities to get closer to her. We were friends for about three months but I wanted more, you know what I mean, So i asked her out on the third month and you know what she said?? she said "Victor, i really like you but you know, not now". 
Well, this continued for 10 Months till i finally decided to damn the whole thing and through out this period I was always breaking my head for this girl. I made some huge sacrifices!!... 

Then, I realized the secret formula; An average man has more to offer a lady than she has to offer him(arguable tho), He offers protection, provision, companionship and so much more.... So, as a man if a woman doesn't appreciate what you carry, carry what you carry to another that will appreciate it. Don't kill yourself over one girl!!!


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