Monday, 20 January 2014


The decision of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to criminalize same-sex relationships and gay rights groups  with penalties of up to 14 years in prison is actually a case of misplaced priorities and lack of direction. 
Personally I believe that ones sexual orientation is not the business of the Government because i dont see how that affects the Government in any way. Being gay is wrong and thats an act i dont only find repulsive but also very abnormal but should that deserve a 14 year sentence??

Its just like jailing someone for masturbating or sleeping with another man's wife with her consent. Afterall this are all wrong acts so whats the special brouhaha about gayism??
If a former Governor could be granted state pardon after stealing Billions of tax payers money you can now see how we have serious priority problems.

There are more serious issues to deal with in this nation and a lot of sectors are upside down so i really dont see why gays being jailed solves any problem! 


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